Where is Niagara falls located?

The waterfalls of Niagara Falls are located on the Niagara River.

The falls mark the border between Ontario, Canada and New York state.

The American Falls is located at 301 Prospect St., Niagara Falls, NY and the Canadian Falls is at 6650 Niagara Pkwy Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Are the Falls always lit up at night?

Yes, Niagara Falls is illuminated every night. 

But on specific dates, they are lit in certain colors to support charitable causes. 
Visit this page dedicated to Illuminations at Niagara Falls for further information.

Does it cost money to visit the Falls?

Niagara Falls is registered as a public property owned by Niagara Parks. 
It is available for a free visit throughout the year. 

However, the main attractions require a ticket to enter.

How long is the park open each day?

All year long, Niagara Falls State Park is open every day of the week, 24 hours a day. The activities in parks, however, have their schedules and are seasonal.

How long are the tours in Niagara falls?

The day tour is about 9 hours, and an evening tour of the falls is approximately 7 hours.

If I buy my tickets online, do I have to print them out?

No, printed tickets are not required. Once you book your tickets online, you’ll receive them via email.

Will Niagara Falls have enough time to fit in several activities?

Most visitors prefer Niagara boat tours and Journey Behind the Falls on reaching Niagara City.

The other choices are the butterfly conservatory and the observation deck of the Skylon Tower.

Each activity will take roughly one hour, including walking time. So, you can wrap up all these activities and experiences within 8 to 10 hours.

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